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What's The Most Awkward Thing That's Happened To You All Year?

I've had one too many nights where I'm up just thinking, "why did I do that."

Life brings no shortage of terribly awkward and cringe-inducing moments! You know, the things that happen where you can just feel your relationship points with someone go down like in The Sims.

I'm sure we've all spent more time than we're proud of just thinking of ways we could've appeared cooler in the most trivial situations. Well now's the time to share and tell! What's the most awkward situation you've been in this year?

Did you accidentally send something that was only meant for your friends in your family group chat?

Or perhaps, you mistakenly sat in someone’s reserved seat at the theatre and, upon their arrival, they loudly caused a scene.

Did you show up to an event and realise immediately that it wasn't the type of "dress-up party" you were expecting?

Or maybe, you ran into your ex while they were out on a date and you had to pretend like everything was fine, while making a mental note that it was time to find new hangout spots.

Whatever the most awkward or embarrassing things that have happened to you this year are, we wanna know! So tell us all about the moments that are plaguing your anxious mind in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!