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As A Hopeless Romantic, I Would Love To Know About The Moment That Made You Know Your Partner Was "The One"

"Tale as old as time..."

True love is an amazing thing. It's patient, it's kind, and boy is it SO cute to watch unfold!

Very often, people can be in relationships with completely different ideas of "where things are going" — but when you're lucky (and ready) enough to take things to that next step, it's magic.

So, what was it that made you feel that magical "I have found the one" moment with your partner?

Were you on a beautifully romantic date when you realised how perfect they were?

Or maybe they lovingly helped you with a super mundane task when you thought, "I don't want to live without this person".

Perhaps, you were just laying in bed thinking of all the reasons your partner was special before realising that you didn't want to spend another night without them.

Whatever the moment was that led you to knowing your partner was "the one" — we'd love to know about it! So tell us all about your love story in the comments below, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!