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Attention Foodies Everywhere — Let Us Know Which Foods You Think Are Hyped Up Too Much Or Too Little

Is pizza talked about too much... or just enough?

From defending our favourite treats to absolutely verbally destroying our least favourites — we all have food opinions we just want to get out there!

I'm ~super~ curious to know what your hot takes are on different hot plates — so if there are dishes from where you're from that you think are wayyy too overrated or seriously underrated, let us know!

Maybe you just can't understand the hype around mac and cheese...

Or, you feel like nobody's talking about sushi enough!

Maybe you're tired of hearing about how great poutine is...

Or do you feel like everybody needs to be hyping up lasagna more?

Maybe you only like chicken nuggets and want to talk about that more.

Whatever foods that you're holding strong opinions about, we'd love to know about them! Give us your food gripes and hypes in the comments, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!