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    Canadians Are Sharing Who They Think The Most Iconic Canadian Is And I Am Here For This Conversation

    I think we all know who it is.

    Recently, Reddit user u/mattmagoo23 posed the simple question, "Who is the most iconic Canadian?" to r/AskReddit and the people got a little ~chaotic~. Here are some of the most popular responses:

    1. Terry Fox

    2. Dr. Frederick Banting

    3. House Hippos

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    "The North American House Hippo."

    — u/Miserable_Flower5333

    4. Wayne Gretzky

    5. Michael J. Fox

    6. The Levys

    7. Gordon Lightfoot

    8. Mike Myers

    9. Robin Sparkles/ Daggers/ Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother

    10. Bret Hart

    11. Wolverine

    12. Celine Dion

    13. Ryan Reynolds

    14. Tim Horton

    15. Alanis Morissette

    16. Shania Twain

    17. Stan Rogers

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    "He definitely should be considered the most iconic. When you write a song so impactful that they consider making it the new national anthem, I think your name deserves to be iconic. It's a shame we lost him so soon."

    — u/TheHappyScot

    18. Nathan Fielder

    19. Jim Carrey

    20. Red Green (Steve Smith)

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    "This is the winner. My twin brother and I would sit and watch this together. Now we send each other clips all the time. I made my kids and husband watch it with me a few months ago."

    — StormBetter9266

    "Definitely most "iconic" Canadian. He once signed a piece of duct tape for me, 'keep your stick on the ice'."

    — u/bigbassdaddy

    21. Alex Trebek

    22. Chris Hadfield

    23. Keanu Reeves

    Which Canadian do you believe to be the most iconic? Let us know in the comments!