People Are Sharing The Times Their Pets Made Them Mad As Hell And Wow, I Can't Get Over The One About The Mini-Fridge

    "Those haute couture poops will never be forgotten."

    Recently, we asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about times when their adorably precious pets pissed them off to no end.

    Here are 25 of the most outrageous pet stories...

    1. "We went away for Christmas in our caravan one year when I was a kid. Money was tight, but my mum was keen to make sure I had a 'proper' Christmas, including a full turkey dinner cooked in our tiny caravan oven. After painstakingly preparing everything, my mum turned around to plate the turkey only to find our Jack Russell had climbed onto the table."

    "She'd stuck her WHOLE HEAD inside the giant turkey to eat it! Suffice it to say we stuck to the vegetables that year, and our dog had the best Christmas dinner of her life."

    — ciaraannlouisew

    2. "I took my eight-month-old King Charles Cavalier to the beach on one lovely sunny day. She was very sick with parvo, so we wanted to let her explore and play like a puppy should. She also has great recall so we let her off the leash... Big mistake. She found a dead jellyfish and ate the ENTIRE thing! Luckily there was a vet on the beach, but she threw up 17 times and had swollen gums. She's fine now though."

    — tillyellison1977

    3. "My cat, Merlin, was such a good boy and a perfectly litter-trained little angel. That is until a friend came over to stay one weekend. They apparently upset Merlin's daily routine, and he decided to show his dissatisfaction with the situation by doing a huge shit on my bed. Right near my pillow."

    — binx21

    4. "My Alexandrine parrot, Tilly, cost me over $800 AUD (£431) in repairs after she decided that the screen of my laptop looked like good fun to bite. Those beaks will demolish a computer screen in one good chomp! Needless to say, she is no longer allowed near any of my tech products."

    — alicecatherineb

    5. "My boyfriend and I took my gorgeous adolescent ragdoll cat to get neutered after we had a particularly wild party the night before. After we came home with him, we took a nap in the 35º heat and awoke to flies buzzing around. In the kitchen, we found my little fluffy boy lying on the floor, surrounded by a dozen broken eggs which, in a rage, he had pushed off the counter to shatter and splat on the tiles below."

    "He lay there purring contentedly, egg yolk dripping from his chops, paying no attention to the hundreds of flies darting around his inert body."

    — rebel4

    6. "So, my partner used to have this pet hamster. We've been together since we were 15, and I used to sleep over at his place when we were younger. Unfortunately, the hamster turning in its wheel at night sounded like we were doing certain ~things~, and his mum used to scream up the stairs for us to not have sex when she was home!"

    — erbcu95

    7. "My first cat was gifted to me when my mom's friend came to visit for Christmas and brought three kittens. The runt of the litter decided that I was her person – she would climb up my legs and mostly stay hidden unless I was around. As she got older, she would jump on my back and climb up on my shoulder when she wasn't running laps around the house and knocking things over. That was all fine to me, but she had a serious problem if I ever brought girls to the house."

    "She had a chair next to my bed and she would make sure to pee on any girl who spent the night! Sometimes, she would go and pee in the bed beforehand just to mark her territory. My dating life really suffered."

    — hurricanealleyhotrods

    8. "I got a kitten during the pandemic in the middle of the TP shortage. When he was about nine months to a year old, he figured out how to get to where I keep the toilet roll. I came home to shredded up toilet paper all over my apartment. He had knocked it to the floor, rolled it out of the bathroom into the living area and shredded it everywhere."


    9. "Our dog Libby was a German Shepherd/Basset Hound mix and had the worst traits of both breeds! There were so many things she did over her life that were ridiculous and (eventually) hilarious, but by far the most outrageous thing she ever did was chew up a mini fridge."

    "It was an empty mini-fridge with a stainless steel finish and two baby locks. She got it open, chewed out the shelves inside the door, and left bite marks in the stainless front. She also broke eight teeth in the process. That dog was so lucky I worked for a vet."

    — lyswalton

    10. "Our late dog ate our microwave. We went out for dinner and came home to our microwave with chew marks in it. The cord was gone completely, and half of the back was missing. Thankfully, she was completely fine."

    — chelseac4e5442f83

    11. "I was pissed when our cat brought in and released a live bat into the living room. And we had a newborn baby at the time! UGH."

    — charlotteclarkcc92

    12. "One of my current cats occasionally has dangling poops, but has figured out how to wipe his butt to remove any poop residue. The problem is, he does this by scooting his butt ON MY BED. If I don't catch him quickly and forcibly clean his butt for him with a wet wipe, he'll leave a streak or an entire turd right there on my coverlet."


    13. "About 10 years ago at my birthday party, my dog was getting his butt scratched by one of my friends and apparently it felt so good he relaxed to the point of pooping himself. Right there on the floor in front of everyone. It stunk so bad everyone had to go outside for a good 20 minutes while I aired the house out. The dog seemed just as shocked about it as everyone else, to be fair. It was so bizarre, and to this day we are careful about how vigorously we scratch our dogs on their backside."


    14. "I was doing some embroidery work and ordered a bunch of white loose sequins online. At the time, our puppy would eat anything and everything, and our mail was delivered through a slot in the door so things just fell down on the ground. I had figured the sequins never got delivered, and then one day, I go to the backyard to mow and as I'm picking up dog poo I notice these beautiful glittery sparkling turds."

    "She ate ALL the sequins! I have no idea how she survived, but my god those haute couture poops will never be forgotten.

    — grimchbettahavemymoney

    15. "My dog killed a pigeon, ate half of it, and left the remaining corpse on the living room floor. My god."

    — sha-ray-ray

    16. "My cat has done the poop butt scoot on my hardwood floors, my rug, and my couch. The horror of watching them do it and they just look you dead in the eyes as they scoot without a care in the world."

    — alyssag46001af5b

    17. "When I first adopted my dog, she had really bad separation anxiety. I found this out the hard way when a friend biked past my house and I went down to the front door to chat with them for a bit while my dog was inside. When I came back in she had chewed up four different shoes and had just started biting through my PlayStation."

    — sophien1986

    18. "My dogs love to bark when it's quiet. They're barking at nothing. Literally, there will be no noise outside, not a noise in the house — nothing and they just randomly bark. It's maddening."

    — brooklynnmarchus

    19. "One of my cats is a spider catcher. She'll find a spider and play with it, but the moment she sees someone coming to take it outside, she scoops it up in her mouth and runs off somewhere else to spit it out and keep her game going. When she gets bored, she lets them scurry away. Sometimes she does this in horrible places, like on my pillow. It's always nice to find a wet surprise spider lurking on your bed after you turn off the lights."

    — torbielillies

    20. "I used to sleep with my bedroom window open to my balcony, and sometimes, in the summer, my cat would sleep with me. There was a cat flap to the balcony that he could go through, and one night he jumped through the window with something black and fluffy. Then he put it on the ground and I saw one wing fall open. It was a bat! I screamed at him to get him to bring it back outside and he did eventually, but only to eat him up. He did this twice."

    — simon-kip

    21. "When I was living with my ex, his dog – who was a literal old ass gremlin – would make it her personal mission to seek out and destroy any of my underwear she could find. I would repeatedly tell him to shut the bedroom or laundry doors to keep her from doing it, but he either didn't care or always forgot, and she ended up eating and destroying about 50 pairs!"

    — kristinapetros

    22. "I usually organize an end-of-year party at my job, and have everyone chip in about $20 with me and my boss subsidising the rest so we can all have a nice meal. One year, half of the team paid me their share in cash. My wolfhound was about four months old at the time. When I got home, I put the money on my TV stand and did my usual routine. However, while I was cleaning up a big mess my puppy had made in the hallway, she found the cash in my room and proceeded to shred it. I was so mad I had to leave her and go to my sister's room to cry."

    "After that, I learned to hide all paper things except junk mail. And now my team always pay me via apps for our parties."

    — dovrenee

    23. "I had a super sweet but super derpy weimaraner that ate a section out of a very expensive nursing school textbook I had. Specifically, they ate the section that we were studying at that time. I had to spend $300 to buy another textbook for just 15 pages worth of material."

    — amandahursty

    24. "My dog was once chasing some sheep that weren't meant to be in a field. My boyfriend had to go after him because we thought he would eat them! Unfortunately, during the chase, my boyfriend tore the tendon in his ankle and had to be off work for eight months after having surgery — all because my dog wanted to love on some sheep!"

    — christine2909

    25. "My former stray cat that adopted me loves to kill and bring me rodents. That alone is NOT fun, but one time she brought in what I later learned was a flying squirrel. Fun fact about flying squirrels – they play dead as a defence mechanism. So the little guy was actually alive, which led to about four hours of me trying to get him out/save his life while he jumped to and from every surface imaginable in my home."

    "Eventually, after opening every single door and window with the hopes of chasing him outside, he finally soared free into a tree outside. My cat still brings me dead rodents though."

    — eloisejames

    What other wild things have your pets done that've driven you mad? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter if you want to be featured in similar posts!