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    Here Are 17 "Heartstopper" Behind-The-Scenes Photos That'll Make You Love The Cast Even More

    My heart cannot handle this cuteness!

    Heartstopper is the "butterflies in the tummy" wholesome queer love story that we all deserve!

    So I thought it'd be fun to share these adorable behind-the-scenes snapshots, because everything is just so dang cute!

    1. There's this carousel of everyone's faves:

    2. And this one:

    3. OMG and this one, because obviously, they all love each other so much!

    4. These adorable pics from a besties trip to New York City:

    5. Another all-smiles group pic:

    6. Are you kidding me with the loving family vibes right now?

    7. Ugh, I love a capture of casual camaraderie!

    8. Seretonin boosted 100,000%:

    seeing the cast of Heartstopper hanging out irl boosts my serotonin 💕

    Twitter: @Netflix_CA

    9. These vibes are fabulous!

    10. And these vibes are just plain gorgeous!

    11. A strong squad pic, indeed:

    12. Beautiful best friends make the week better:

    13. Get you a couple of friends that'll hold you up like this:

    14. My heart can't take the adorableness of this one!!

    15. Life began when friendship like this was discovered:

    16. I can't get enough of the perfect pal pics like the ones in this carousel:

    17. And lastly, my heart has definitely ~stopped~ from all of these lovely vibes!

    What's your favourite show right now, and why is it Heartstopper? Share your thoughts in the comments!