• 1. Kiss Someone

    A first kiss (in your new car) has to be hot, hot, hot!

  • 2. Take A Trip Through The Drive-Thru

  • 3. Go Through The Car Wash In Your Car

  • 4. Dress It Up

    You can probably only get away with this once in a lifetime.

  • 5. Drive To School

    Having you own car also means…NO MORE BUS!

  • 6. Go To A Drive-In Movie

    You MUST go to the drive-in move to have the proper first car experience. And, if you can’t find one, make your own!

  • 7. Take A Trip To Sonic

    This is a cool, must-do! Enjoy having your food delivered on skates.

  • 8. Drive Across Country

    What better way to see the country, then taking the quintessential road trip! Just pack up and go…

  • 9. Watch The Stars On Your Roof

  • 10. Put Sunglasses On And Look Awesome