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Top 5 Reasons To See Chris Rock's New Film "Top Five"

Chris rocks! Catch Top Five, the only comedy this holiday season -- in theaters now!

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1. It's written, directed, and starring Chris Rock, so you know it'll be hilarious... well as offer some poignant moments.

2. The cast list is PHENOMENAL.

And this doesn't even include the countless cameos... like Whoopi Goldberg at a strip club.

3. The city of New York is a character in its own right...

...and it's the perfect foil to Chris Rock's unique sense of humour.

4. The clips from the fictional Hammy the Bear trilogy deserve a movie of their own.

It's Chris Rock (in a bear costume) and Luis Guzmán — that's a box office smash right there.

5. You get to hear Chris and company go over their "top fives" — including this outlandish scene about their top five rappers.

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Add Top Five to your top five -- in theatres now!

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