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10 Weird Things You've Probably Heard As A Coeliac...

...using only Gordon Ramsay GIFs

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1. "Oh you're a coeliac? That's no problem, we can make the pizza without cheese."

2. "Want a bit of cake?"

3. "Just try a little bit. It won't hurt..."

4. "I think I might be a Coeliac. I got a little wind last time I ate sausage roll."

5. "Hey, anyone want to try these brownies I baked? Oh, apart from you obviously..."

6. "What made you decide to go Coeliac?"

7. "If you check out the 'salads' section you'll find a couple of gluten free options."

8. "What do you mean by cross contamination?"

9. "I had that gluten free pork pie that was in the fridge. Hope you don't mind."

10. "I wouldn't be able to cope without doughnuts!"

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