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    Supporters Rally Around Gay Teacher Fired From Catholic School For Being Pregnant

    Upon learning of Barbara Webb's "nontraditional" pregnancy, the school left her with two choices: Resign and be silent, or be fired.

    Marian High School, an all-girls Catholic school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, fired Webb after she requested pregnancy leave. The school viewed her pregnancy as "nontraditional" and against the school's morality clause, Detroit Free Press reported.

    Since going public with her story, Webb, 33, and her wife Kristen have seen an outpouring of support. Over 100 people gathered for a protest and rally for Webb on Sunday, and about 3,700 have joined a Facebook group, "I Stand With Barb Webb."

    Webb taught chemistry and coached sports at the school for nine years. Upon learning of her pregnancy, the school left her with two choices: Resign and be silent, or be fired. She said she chose to be fired and refused to be silent about her story.

    "Speak out against hate wherever you see it," Webb wrote in a Facebook post. "Whether it's writing a letter or calling Marian or setting a safe place in your own school or business. Don't be afraid to be the change that so many of us need you to be. It is only when the masses can stand up to injustice that we all may have a chance to fulfill our life dreams and ambitions."

    Webb and wife Kristen Lasecki have been together for over five years. Lasecki, too, took to Facebook to show support for her wife.

    Even Webb's pets showed their love and support for her, emphasizing "unconditional love."

    A Marian alumnae group outraged by Webb's firing said they will be sending this letter to the school's president, Sister Lenore Pochelski.

    Webb told the Detroit Free Press she hopes attention to her story will ultimately benefit students at the school. So far, she has not announced any plans for legal action against Marian, which has reportedly declined to comment on the allegations.