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45 Moving Moments From The First Days Of Marriage Equality In Utah

After a judge struck down the state's ban on equal marriage rights for same-sex couples Dec. 20, thousands rushed to get married across Utah, while the state's governor continued his fight to halt the marriages in court.

1. Michael Ferguson and his husband Seth Anderson were the first same-sex couple to get married in the state of Utah, shortly after the Friday ruling in Salt Lake City.

2. The couple proudly displayed their historic marriage license to media and onlookers at the county clerk's office.

3. And Ferguson showed off his ring to supporters at the county clerk's office.

4. Many more couples received licenses and married on the spot, like Kim Hackford-Peer and her spouse Ruth Hackford-Peer with their 7-year-old son at their side.

5. They signed the marriage license moments before their marriage was officiated.

6. Families — like this one — came together.

7. Dozens of other couples embraced as they waited in line for their turn...

8. …and filled out the application for a marriage license, and then...

9. …that tearful moment when they're married by Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and cheered on by a crowd of supporters.

10. The growing excitement while filling out the documents and paying the $40 application fee at the counter of the Salt Lake County clerk...

11. …and celebrating each step of the way like Elenor Heyborne and her partner Marina Gomberg —

12. — all led up to that kiss.

13. This couple, Mimi Flower and Julie Kay, kissed while completing the paperwork. Why wait?

14. Some celebrated at the county clerk's counter.

15. People clapped after Laurie Wood and Kody Partridge were officially declared married by Rev. Curtis L. Price.

16. Mayor Becker stood by to marry several more couples, including Utah State Sen. Jim Dabakis and his partner of 27 years, Stephen Justesen.

17. They waved to the crowd after Becker made their marriage official.

18. Couple after couple made history on Friday like Lindi Gardiner and Joanna Barney...

19. …and Chris Serrano and Clifton Webb.

20. But on Saturday, hopes were crushed when Utah's Ogden County Clerk's office canceled its special Saturday opening to issue marriage licenses.

21. Couples like John Jensenf and his partner, Jared Resor, left the clerk's office empty-handed.

22. Ogden County Clerk Ricky Hatch said that county officials warned him that staging a special opening for same-sex couples to receive marriage licenses may violate constitutional guarantees of equal protection.

23. But on Monday morning, after an appeals court denied Gov. Gary Herbert's request for an emergency halt to same-sex couples’ marriages, thousands of couples rushed to get married.

24. Gage Church and Tim Sharp kissed after becoming one of the first same-sex couples to legally marry in Utah's Weber County on Monday morning.

25. Supports watched as Patrick Freideman and his husband Spencer Freideman kissed in Ogden, Utah.

26. Meanwhile, a huge line formed outside the office of the Salt Lake County clerk early Monday morning...

27. …and wrapped along several floors of the building.

28. People watched other couples marry from above.

29. Despite the early hour, excitement filled the halls and couples embraced as they waited.

30. Heather Collins and her partner Jax Collins sat as they waited among the hundreds of other couples.

31. But eventually their turn came...

32. …and they were overcome with emotion...

33. …and then that kiss.

34. When it was over, they hugged amid the crowd, marriage certificate in hand.

35. Well into the morning, dozens of couples in line at the Salt Lake County government building.

36. More couples cuddled on the floor...

37. …while others — like Nathan London and his partner Alan Britton — exchanged rings.

38. Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill announced to the crowd that marriages can continue after a judge denied the governor's appeal to halt them in court.

39. With that, many more couples married, like Shauna Griffen and Brooke Shepherd.

40. Griffen wiped tears from her eyes as her marriage was officiated.

41. And then they displayed their rings.

42. Newlyweds Angela Marinez and Monique Lobato took a moment to celebrate.

43. But some couples had been waiting for this day longer than others, like Joyce Lewallen and her partner of 20 years, Lecia Johnson.

44. And Andrea Dahl and Coral Mangus, who have been together for 25 years.

45. At last.