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Can You Survive A Year On A Student Budget?

Will you break the bank?

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Okay, you've just arrived at university. You're a student now! Education! Meeting new and exciting people! You're going to have a great time at university.

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Except, oh no, you have basically no money and being at university isn't cheap. Can you balance your budget so that you don't end the year horribly overdrawn?

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How to play: First choose how big a loan you want to take out, and how much money you'll get from other sources. Then answer how much you want to spend per month...and see if you can end the year without breaking the bank!

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Pro tip: All the average figures in this quiz are based on the actual amounts UK students say they spend every month. But it's designed for fun rather than as a real budgeting tool.

The questions will appear one by one as you answer them. Your pint glass full of coins will go down as you spend more, so keep an eye on it. Good luck!

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