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    17 Insane Foods You’ll Find At The Minnesota State Fair

    Prepare your arteries: The Minnesota State Fair just announced its new food lineup, and it's INSANE!

    1. Chocolate Dessert Salami

    2. Jello Salad Ice Cream

    3. Rustic Stuffed Scone

    4. Shrimp Dog

    5. Pretzel Curds

    6. North Shore Pasta

    7. Chicken in the Waffle

    8. Pizza Tots

    9. Beer Gelato

    10. SnoRibbons

    11. Deep-Fried Buckeyes

    12. PB&J French Toast

    13. Deep Fried Lobster On-A-Stick

    14. Deep-Fried Breakfast On-a-Stick

    15. Hot Toasted Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

    16. Breakfast Juicy LuLu

    17. Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Leg