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Amanda Bynes Supposedly Got A Visit From The NYPD Last Night [UPDATED]

The bizarre events unfolded on Twitter with the help of Jenny McCarthy. Here's what we know so far.

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The whole thing started when Amanda posted these racy photos on Twitter.

Later in the evening, Jonathan Jaxson, who claims to be a Hollywood publicist, tweeted the following:

Then, randomly, Jenny McCarthy tweeted that the police were at Amanda's apartment!

A skeptical Perez Hilton began to question McCarthy who then posted the following:

According the the gossip site OhNoTheyDidn't, Jaxson also tweeted that he suspected that Bynes was suicidal:

The conversation concluded with these tweets from Jaxson:

So far there have been no updates from Amanda.

UPDATE: Amanda has responded to Jenny's tweets about her:

CORRECTION: Jonathan Jaxson has never been Amanda Bynes' publicist. An earlier version of this item stated that he was. (5/2/13)

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