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Which South Coach Are You?

Are you a Tommy or a Bre

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  1. How would people describe your fashion?

  2. How do you respond to threats?

    Curl up and freeze
    Ignore it and hope for the best
  3. What animal do you identify with the most?

    Descartes Feral
    House cat
  4. What is your parents greatest fear for you?

    Not being self sustaining
    Joining a cult
  5. Having children is...

    Inherently selfish
  6. In your free time you...

    Sip tea with my close friends
    Climb walls
  7. How are you most likely to get injured?

    Crossing the street
    Diving on the ground
  8. If I could be one person for a day, I would be...

    Linda Cliatt-Wayman
  9. What alternate world would you most want to live in?

    Avatar: the last airbender world
    The world from UP (also known as our world with, but with talking dogs)
  10. Where would you want to travel?

    Southeast Asia
  11. One thing I would rather not live without

    Dark chocolate
    Board games
  12. Fashion choice I regretted the most

    Which one?
    None. They all built me to be who I am
  13. In college would you rather...

    Lead a class on gender and sexuality
    Drive a whole day straight to ski
  14. On the job I would rather...

    Teach ACT content
    Assist students with applications
  15. In the future I would rather...

    Be a counselor

Which South Coach Are You?

You got: Tommy!

You are the cool one. Congrats! You enjoy having Bres as school partners, but you are always right. Always.

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You got: Bre :)

You wear old glasses, rad purple boots, and Frida Kahlo. On first dates, you always ask for their Meyer's Brigg's type.

Bre :)
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