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7 Disturbingly Gorgeous Recipes For A Fancy Halloween Dinner

For cooking inspiration on October 31st, look no further than these spine-tingling sumptuous yet elegant recipe ideas for the perfect dinner party. If you are not a meat lover, turn away now.

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1. Calf Brains on Toast

Merlin Labron-Johnson / Via

This calf brains on toast recipe from Merlin Labron-Johnson may not be for the offal novice, but for those who enjoy the wobblier things in life, this dish is a thing to behold.

2. Stuffed Ox Heart

Regula Ysewijn / Via

Regula Ysewijn revisits an old English classic – roasted ox heart – which she updates with a delicious stuffing of kale, bacon and mushrooms. Heart is one of the cheapest cuts of meat available today and makes a fantastic alternative roast dinner.

3. Pork tongue a la ravigote

Pascal Aussignac / Via

Tongue has a beautifully even distribution of fat and meat and once slow-cooked, carries a tender texture and intense flavour, perfect for a balanced starter. Pascal Aussignac uses a sharp ravigote sauce to complement the meat in this glorious pig’s tongue recipe.

4. Braised Pig's Head

Matt Gillan / Via

A pig’s head is braised, crumbed and fried in this rustic pig’s head recipe from Matt Gillan. Served with black pudding and a pumpkin remoulade, this hearty dish is full of robust flavours and textures to keep any meat-lover happy.

5. Caramelised Calf Brains

Galvin Brothers / Via

While some may feel a little squeamish at the prospect of trying brains, they are incredibly nutritious and eaten all over the world. Served here with a creamy potato purée, the Galvin brothers’ view this calf brain recipe as one of the mainstay signature dishes at their popular Bistrot de Luxe restaurant.

6. Duck Hearts

Paul Foster / Via

Paul Foster’s elegant duck hearts recipe pairs the often neglected ingredient with a sweet, sharp blueberry sauce, shavings of fennel and wild rice - a symphony of a dish well worth spending 40 minutes making. He uses chickweed to garnish but baby watercress or chervil will also work well.

7. Barigoule of Pork Heart Stew

Paul Aussignac / Via

The heart is a unique ingredient to cook. It is a working muscle and should be prepared in 1 of 2 ways: very slowly for a long period of time, which will help break down the toughness of the meat, or, as it is here, very quickly to serve medium rare thereby retaining its natural flavour and moisture. Pascal Aussignac’s earthy pig’s heart recipe is a delicious example of nose-to-tail eating, a perfect starter to prompt interesting conversation.

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