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We Asked People To Send Messages To Tim Peake And This Is What They Said

Former astronauts, Brian Cox, and a 9-month-old baby are among the people wishing the British astronaut a safe and inspiring journey.

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2. Commander Chris Hadfield

Tom Chivers / BuzzFeed

"Tim, I'm there with you! Love it, on behalf of all of us down here."

Hadfield was on the International Space Station himself for six months to May 2013. You can see Chris playing David Bowie's "Space Oddity" while in free fall here.


3. Zarina Mugal

Tom Chivers / BuzzFeed

"Good luck and be safe!"

Zarina is a student at Cheam High School in Sutton. She and her class came to watch the launch at the Science Museum.

4. Rufus and Holly Hobman

Tom Chivers / BuzzFeed

"Good luck on a mission of a lifetime!"

Rufus is 9 months old and Holly has had three hours' sleep. Nonetheless, they came to watch the launch.


8. Rufus Clews and his dad, Dan

Tom Chivers / BuzzFeed

"Have fun, love Rufus."

BuzzFeed would like to apologise to Rufus for not turning the flash on for this shot, because his drawing of a space rocket was excellent and deserved to be clearer.

13. Jo Johnson

Tom Chivers / BuzzFeed

"Good luck, Tim! We're rooting for you."

Johnson is the British government's science minister and was at the museum to offer support for the launch.

14. Dr Kevin Fong

Royal Institution / BuzzFeed

"Ad Astra! Tim (Sorry about the crappy doctor's handwriting) #XmasLectures"

Fong is giving the Royal Institution Christmas lectures this year, on the subject of Tim Peake's launch. The model in the background is of Monica Grady, the Institution's reporter, who is in Baikonur for the launch.

"Ad Astra" is Latin for "To the stars".

Tom Chivers is a science writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.

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