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    9 Tips And Products That Will Make Your Period Less Painful

    For when your baby box betrays you.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they deal with painful periods. Here's what they said.

    Sian Butcher/ BuzzFeed

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    1. Try the child's pose.

    2. Try putting lavender essential oil in a hot bath.

    Amphora Retail / Via

    "I've been having excruciating cramps that make me want to literally die. Putting lavender essential oil in a hot bath helps lessen the pain and is very relaxing as well. Also, rubbing the essential oil on the lower abdomen and back of the neck helps too. I also drink large amounts of chamomile tea, which calms me down and reduces my pain. – amk98

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    3. Try a heating pad that wraps around you.

    biovea / Via

    "I have endometriosis and sometimes my cramps are as bad as labor pains. I have a giant heating pad that wraps all the way around me. That combined with ibuprofen, breathing exercises, and my husband rubbing my back are what gets me through." – jessicabp, Facebook

    4. Drink green tea with a chunk of fresh ginger and some honey.

    5. Try working out.

    6. Take pain killers before the pain really kicks in.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    "I immediately take some sort of pain reliever the second that first twinge happens and I tend to take a lot of warm showers. I also sleep a lot on the first day because if I'm asleep, I can't be in pain." – karic4f52d58cf

    7. Try muscle rub for when you have to leave the house.

    Superdrug / Via

    "Just discovered using muscle rub, it's like a heating pad on the go and it's absolutely life changing." – catherinec4626493e3

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    8. Try using a menstrual cup.

    Moon Cup / Via

    "Using a menstrual cup. My cramps and heavy periods are a thing of the past once I switched from disposables." – virginianunnv

    9. Try a hand held massager.

    Alessandro Yarosi / Via

    "I use my electric wand massager, usually on a low speed. I press it deeply into your lower stomach, over your uterus and ovaries. Move it around to get both ovaries and entire uterus." – MaryAnn02

    Get the Alessandro Yarosi Wand Massager from Amazon, £39.95.

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