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    We Tried 7 Cheap Beauty Products And Most Of Them Were Really Good

    Back at it with the beauty reviews.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    Hey guys, it's Tolani and Emma here, and in case you didn't know we really enjoy trying out beauty products. Makeup, skincare, hair products, the whole shebang.


    If you haven't already, check out our reviews on products under a fiver and products you can get from high street shops.

    For this review we tried a range of beauty products and some of them were really good, while others not so much.

    First Emma tried the Golden Monkey Glamour Lip Kit.


    The contents of this really cute packaging are meant to transform chapped lips and make them really soft and supple.

    So, the thing with this mask is that it will make you look like something from American Horror Story.


    You have to follow three steps, and it will take around 30 to 40 minutes, so it's worth finding something to entertain yourself with. This first step is a pad that's meant to lightly exfoliate dead skin while nourishing your lips.

    The second step is a mask that soothes your lips. It includes shea butter and jojoba seed oil, which are both really key ingredients when it comes to soothing.

    The final step is a luxe lip oil that feels like a really fancy lip balm.

    The effects were great – Emma's lips felt very moisturised and plumped-up.


    I (Tolani) tried the Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit and I have so much to say about this.


    This is a three-step kit that promises to to remove blackheads and minimise pores on your nose.

    If you are going to try it you should set an hour aside to get all the steps done.


    The first step opens up your pores, which is meant to make removing blackheads easier. You leave the wet sheet on for 15-20 minutes. You get a stinging sensation – not an unbearable sting, but I could definitely feel it.

    The second step is the worst part of the whole experience – I cried real tears. This is the step that actually removes the blackheads. It's a sticky dry sheet that you leave on for 10-15 minutes, and it feels fine until it's time to take it off. It felt like my skin was being ripped off, it hurt so bad.

    The final step is another wet sheet that you leave on for 10-15 minutes. After the pain of step two, this feels really nice. It has a soothing effect which was really needed.

    Does it work? Yes! Will I ever use it again? NO! The pain is just not worth it at all. I would rather have all the pores and blackheads than go through that again.


    I would say it hurts just as much as Biore strips, which I also refuse to ever use again. If you can deal with that pain, you can deal with this.

    While I went off to recover from the pain, Emma tried the Kiko Hi-Brow Expert Eyebrow Kit.


    This brow kit comes with two powders, two highlighters, setting wax, four stencils, and an applicator. *Spoiler alert*: The stencils are shit.

    Honestly, the stencils are really shit, and completely pointless.


    The honest truth is that you can get plenty of great eyebrow kits, but this is not one of them.


    So the brow powder was alright, and that was about it. Emma didn’t like the highlighter much, as it was quite chalky and didn’t really show up. The brow stencils in the kit were tiny – we haven’t seen brows this small since the '90s.

    We then tried the Sleek Colour Corrector Palette. The palette comes with six colours and is meant to neutralise blemishes and imperfections.


    Here's what we look like with no makeup on, and all our blemishes on show.


    The palette's six different colours work on different skin tones and "problem" areas.


    Green: helps with redness and is meant to be ideal for concealing scars and blemishes.

    Lilac: is meant for brightening sallow, dull complexions.

    Blue: neutralises orange, which is apparently good for concealing freckles.

    Rose: adds radiance and evens out dark sports.

    Yellow: helps to conceal under-eye circles on light skin tones.

    Orange: conceals dark circles on dark skin tones.

    After using the colour corrector as a base we applied foundation to see if it made any difference.


    While I (Tolani) loved this product, Emma wasn't here for it.


    Tolani: While all the colours in the palette were not for me, I think that it's great that the one palette sees to most skin tones. I used the rose and orange colours and I think it really works. I'm also really into how easy it was to cover up. I would definitely use it again.

    Emma: Quite frankly, I didn’t like this. It was super thick and felt a bit like grease paint on my face (I’m used to only wearing tinted moisturiser though so may be biased). Plus I think it actually made my skin and under eye circles look worse. I felt like my skin looked quite pasty afterwards, and the colour was hard to blend with the foundation.

    We then tried the NYX The Curve Eyeliner.


    What's really cool about this eyeliner is the shape. The curve shape is meant to make holding the liner easier so you can apply it better.

    Gosh this might be the best eyeliner we have ever used. It's so bloody good.


    We LOVE IT! Like really love it. The shape of the eyeliner really makes difference. It's really easy to hold and the formula glides on so well. So yes £12 is a little steep for eyeliner, but it is really worth the money.

    Amazing! Top marks all around. Take all of our money.


    It’s just SO good.

    We then tried on Kiki Finish Line Lipstick, because we both love a good lip colour. I (Tolani) tried the Heroine Cherry shade and Emma tried the Rossetto shade.


    The range comes in six different shades.

    It's a £3.90 lipstick that looks amazing on. We are both really into the colour and the moisturising formula. It glides along your lips smoothly and stays on all day.


    The formula is creamy and although the finish is matte, your lips feel very much moisturised. The colour payoff wasn’t amaaaazing – we needed about three coats to really see the colour – but for this price it was great.

    We want one in every colour.


    We then decided to experiment a little, so we tried the Beauty Junky Sparkle Lips, £6


    This sparkle lips kit comes with everything you need to get glitter finish lips, if you are into that sort of thing. You get glue, an applicator and a pot of glitter.

    This is a perfect example of Instagram vs reality.


    Tolani: I hate this so much, if you look really close you can see the pain in my eyes. The glitter didn't stick to my lips, it felt so horrible and it looks so shit. Why would anyone want glitter lips? It's not practical. How do you eat? How do you kiss? How do you lick your lips when you're trying to be seductive?

    Emma: I’m in two minds about this. I love how it looks, and it makes for an excellent Instagram picture, but it feels WEIRD. I got used to the weird feeling, but then when I wanted to eat I had to take it off. Oh, and removing it was a nightmare.

    So, erm…I (Tolani) hate this, and Emma is okay with it.


    Fine for a party, but it's really impractical.

    That’s all for now, but comment below and tell us what we should review next! Because we really enjoyed doing this.