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Tinie Tempah is not new to the rap game – in fact, he's been in it since 2005. Day One fans will know him from his first mixtape, Chapter 1: Verse 22, or his single "Wifey Riddim", which got plenty of traction on Channel AKA (formerly known as Channel U). Tinie's music and fashion sense have come a long way since then, and he shows no signs of slowing down. With his new album, Youth, dropping real soon, we went down to his London studio to play a game of "Would You Rather". And as soon as Tinie walked in, spirits high and greeting everyone with a hug, we knew this was going to be fun.

Would you rather be a dog or a cat?

Tinie Tempah: That's easy, a dog.

Any particular reason?

TT: [thinks] Dogs are more loyal to humans, cats do they own thing and they go off and have they own lives, but dogs are like your boys, they stay around, they closer to humans. Dogs are better.

Would you rather chat someone up or be chatted up?

TT: [giggles] I would want to do the chatting up.

Go on then, what's your best line? How will you chat me up in a club?

: [giggles some more] I don't have lines, I just say, "What's your number, babe? I'm going to call you later."

And does that work every time?

TT: More often than not.

Would you rather wine to Bashment or shoki to Afrobeats?

TT: Shoki, but I also like the shakiti bobo dance.

So go on, show us the dance then.

TT: [does the shoki] Am I doing it right?

*stares in Nigerian girl admiration*

Would you rather listen to "Wifey Riddim" or "Pass Out" every day for the rest of your life?

TT: Ooooooh, this is a good one. I'm gonna have to say [hesitates] "Wifey Riddim" but it doesn't mean this is my favourite.

It's just more of a easy listen. It's a more relaxed song, and "Pass Out" is very hype. Also it was the song that got me my big break. "Pass Out" got me my big big break, but this takes me right back to when I was 16, and first getting recognised for my music.

Would you rather have unlimited funds to spend in Primark or wear the same designer outfit every day for the rest of your life?

TT: This is so easy.

Oh really? We thought this would be really hard.

TT: Of course it would be unlimited funds, that makes a lot more sense. Why would anyone pick the other option?

Would you rather eat jollof rice with Anthony Joshua or have pie and mash with David Beckham?

TT: Jollof.

Is that for the dish or for the company?

TT: Oh, it's for the dish and the company.

Would you rather lose all your social media followers or fall out with your best friend?

TT: [pauses for a while, then starts to write, then pauses again] Fall out with my best friend.

That is harsh.

TT: No listen, I have a good reason. If it was a true best friend, we would make up. People fall out with best friends all the time – I fall out with my best friend all the time and we always make up. But once you lose off those followers, it's hard to get that back. It will take years.

Would you rather have Labrinth or Wiz Kid as your wing man?

TT: It has to be Wiz Kid! That's very easy. Wiz Kid is more of a ladies' man. Also Labrinth recently proposed to his girlfriend, so he is basically out of the game. Wiz is more of an international player so he would be the best wing man.

Would you rather watch two friends have sex every day for the rest of your life, or join in once to stop it?

TT: [laughs] Oh gosh. Really, guys.


TT: Join in, I'll join in. Don't tell my mum.

Would you rather never laugh or never talk again?

TT: Ermm I kinda need to talk to do my job, it's like the main part of it. It wouldn't be the same otherwise.

If anything I can carry this board for when I need to laugh, and I'll just write "LMAO".

Would you rather wear the same underwear for a week or the same socks for a month?

TT: I reckon I have worn the same socks for a month once, and it really wasn't that bad. But with underwear I'm too particular to do that.

I have to wash like every day, sometimes twice a day. I do performances all the time, and you get really sweaty after. Also did you know that if you do any physical activity that gets you sweaty down there and you don't change your underwear quick enough you get a cold?

Really, Tinie? Really?

TT: Yes! The same with having a sweaty T-shirt, it will give you a cold. Trust me.

Would you rather listen to Nas's Illmatic album or Jay Z's The Blueprint album every day for the rest of your life?

TT: Jay Z.

What's your favourite song on the album?

TT: I can't remember, I'm not even going to lie. I really can't remember.

What's your fave Jay Z song?

TT: It's called "Show You How To Do This" and Jay Z raps on it saying [starts rapping], "We don't drive X5's we give them to baby mamas." He was just stunting on that song and I remember thinking whoa!

Would you rather have an excellent relationship with terrible sex, or have an awful relationship with amazing sex?

TT: An excellent relationship. I think it's what's on the inside that counts, and you can argue that's sex, but it's better connected to someone on an emotional and spiritual level.

The physical is more here and now, it will change, people don't look the same forever. So for me it's better to have a stronger foundation on the things that are not built on just sex.

Thank you for playing along, Tinie!

Tinie Tempah's new singles, "Text From My Ex" (ft Tinashe) and "Chasing Files", are out now.