17 Stunning Hair Transformations That Prove Short Hair Is Beautiful

    Short hair don't care.

    1. We need a minute to really take all of this in.

    2. Just stunning.

    3. This drastic yet flawless cut.

    4. This super-cute pixie. 😍

    5. But just look at how beautiful she looks before and after the big chop.

    6. This gorgeous transformation.

    7. Sideswept and beautiful.

    8. Look at that fade.

    9. Short hair is just so versatile.

    10. This cut looks so damn good.

    11. Round of applause to the stylist for the cut and colour job.

    12. How cute is this curly chop?

    13. From long and wavy to a straight sharp bob.

    14. The perfect pixie.

    15. The colour, the cut... Everything is on point.

    16. Beautiful before and after.

    17. Look at this amazing transformation.