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17 People Who Prove Red Lipstick Suits Everyone

Don't @ me.

1. You might not know this, but I am here to let you know that red lipstick suits everyone.

Instagram: @styledbyjmarie

2. It't literally one of the best gifts from the beauty gods.

Instagram: @natalia

3. It just looks so glorious on everyone.

Instagram: @baileysarian

5. Matte or glossy, it's a great look.

Instagram: @ellarie

6. It's actual perfection on every skin tone.

Instagram: @chocolateblackdoll

7. You just can't go wrong with a red lip.

Instagram: @makeupshayla

8. Seriously look at this perfection.

Instagram: @mmaiohmmai

9. I mean come on, pink lipstick could never!

Instagram: @mypaleskinblog

12. Red lipstick and black eyeliner, can you name a better duo?

Instagram: @viva_glam_kay

14. You honestly can't beat a rep lip.

Instagram: @brandi

16. Or your go to red tone, red lipstick wins every time.

Instagram: @daisiesmith
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