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    17 Gorgeous YouTube Tutorials That Are Perfect For People With Curly Hair

    Curls for days.

    1. This cute braided style.

    2. Add a scarf to the mix.

    3. Frizz free curls

    4. Two braid top knot

    5. The messy updo.

    6. Faux fringe updo

    7. Half up half down

    8. The pinapple updo.

    9. Cute double buns

    10. French twist

    Go for the 'classy' look with French twist. Here's how to get the look

    11. Curly Faux Hawk

    12. Top knot

    13. Half Up, half down with braided detail

    14. Side braid

    15. Two pigtail buns

    16. This retro look.

    17. Crown bantu knots