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17 People Tell Us The Best Christmas Gift They Received From A Partner

My true love gave to me.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best Christmas present they have ever got from a partner Here are some of the responses!

1. A worry doll.

"I have an anxiety disorder, so my high school boyfriend brought me Guatemalan Worry Dolls back from a trip. They’re little paper dolls you tell your worries to, then you put them under your pillow, and they’re supposed to take your worries away in your sleep. Whether you believe it or not, it was such a thoughtful gift." – genevievew44e065ebb

2. A Christmas angel.

"We were very broke one Christmas, we got a free tree on Christmas Eve because they were giving them away to poor folk. We made ornaments from whatever we had around the house.

My husband went to a thrift store and on Christmas gave me an angel topper for the tree. She is pink and she lights up. We didn’t have much but he got the angel because he just knew I would like it. 23 years later, she still lights up and is the first thing on the tree not the last. I still have her original packaging. There have been plenty of other gifts over the years, but non compare to my angel." – deniseb48aa116f6

3. A tea maker.

"My husband has a habit of listening when you think he isn’t and storing it up to use on gift ideas. Apparently when we were first dating I’d complained that my kettle was too hot and scalding my tea.

So for our first christmas together, he bought me a variable temperature automatic tea maker that makes a perfect pot of tea every time. It was something I never knew I always wanted and I cried my heart out when it finally gave up the ghost last week after nearly 8 years." – toryw

4. A necklace.

"A necklace, with 5 hearts on it, each engraved with an initial of my nearest and dearest. His initial, my beloved dog who passed away, my nephews and nieces and my best friends who lost her battle to depression. I’ve never taken it off and this was 3 years ago." – sarahr461017c83

5. A lasting memory.

"My boyfriend bought me my last picture with my grandad. Last Christmas, at the height of my grandad’s cancer, my boyfriend bought me a Polaroid camera, and urged me to get my first picture on the roll with my grandfather. It was the first, and last Polaroid I got with my grandad, and it meant so much as my grandad had given me so many old cameras to collect over the years.

My grandad absolutely loved my boyfriend, and loved him even more when he saw how happy the gift made me. I live every day knowing my boyfriend has that blessing from my grandad, and it makes him a very, very special man." – hayleyvictorias

6. Chocolate coins.

"Last Christmas my partner left me a treasure hunt around the house with clues inspired by my favourite books. At the end was a huge treasure chest of chocolate gold coins. It was fun and goofy and I was so touched that he’d gone to all that effort just to make me smile." – laurenelizabethc4cd8064b9

7. A Christmas ornament.

"I love cartoons, so my wife made me a BMO Christmas ornament using wire and air-dry clay. It was so well made and painted I thought it was store bought at first. And then I was amazed she managed to make this without me finding it around the house. It was the first time someone handmade me a Christmas present that wasn’t food." – brionyrollings

8. A typewriter.

"My ex bought me a typewriter, as a writer it was the best gift I’ve ever received. Since the breakup however it has sat in the bottom of my closet." – fishfingersandcustard

9. A suprise trip.

"We have a long distant relationship, He lives in Ireland and I live in California. Last year he bought me a flight to see him. It was so unexpected that I actually burst into tears, and I don’t think that anyone will ever top it, best present ever and I am planning on returning the favour this year. " – catalinam420301732

10. A violin.

"My boyfriend of 5 years and I met in band, we both love music and love to learn to play new instruments. I have always wanted to play the violin but started to give up on the idea because I didn’t think I would ever get one. Two Christmases ago he and his family surprised me with a violin. I cried because he had just made one of my biggest dreams come true." – rebeccas4544972dd

11. Running shoes.

"I signed up to do the London Marathon for charity and was beyond surprised to get a place. My husband bought me a voucher so I could get my gait analysed and purchased a proper pair of good running shoes, those things are expensive. He also got me a token for a massage at a local spa when it was all over.

Running shoes don’t sound like much to most folk but being able to run in proper shoes rather than knackered old gym trainers really helped with all the miles I clocked up in training and on the day of the race itself. The massage afterwards was bliss." – redfragglebiker

12. An engagement ring.

"My engagement ring. My fiancé proposed to me in front of my family on Christmas Eve. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him as he slipped the ring on my finger. That is the best Christmas gift I have ever received, especially from the man that I will be spending my life with." – tbattle22

13. A talking bear.

"Me and my fiancé work different days, and I’ve always been a big cuddler. Well for a gift, he got me a bear with a recording of him saying ‘I love you dear’ because when I started these hours I complained about waking up without him." – b4a17d9a4f

14. A holiday.

"My amazing husband gifted me with a holiday a couple years ago. We had been together 4 years at that point, we never went on a honeymoon, and hadn’t been on holiday together. He took his Christmas bonus and planned a trip for us. We had the BEST time together, and it’s a vacation I will remember fondly forever. It was truly the most wonderful gift." – MrsH810

15. An Xbox controller.

"My boyfriend of almost 7 years got me a customised Xbox One controller, decorated in pink glitter with my name on it. I love video games and so does my boyfriend, but I suck at them. I loved that he acknowledged that I love video games." – annamaried2

16. A magic wand.

"I am huge Harry Potter fan so last year my boyfriend designed and 3D printed my very own, unique wand. It had amazing attention to detail and came with a letter from the Ministry of Magic. Hands down the best and most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received." – ellyo3

17. Kittens!

"My husband surprised me with two orange kittens for Christmas. He gave me a box and inside were two small collars and a keychain ring with pet shop reward cards. Underneath that there was a picture of my two new boys with Santa.

I was so excited and then he lead me into our guest room where I got to meet them in person.That was six years ago and I always tell him there’s no way he can top that" – rachaele4ac2a122e

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