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17 Stunning Women Who Have Perfected Pregnancy Style

Dress the bump.

2. This momma giving pregnancy swimwear looks.

Instagram: @nikkyandrae

3. This mum who looks stylish and comfy.

Instagram: @fashionlollipopblog

4. How is it humanly possible to look this cute?

Instagram: @mllevitz

9. White shirt and jeans is always a good look.

Instagram: @fazlin_roslan

10. Just look at all the pom pom details.

Instagram: @lizamayariley

11. This stunning mummy, who is here to stunt on EVERYONE!

Instagram: @sashaexeter

12. This cute crop top and culottes combo.

Instagram: @ezy_lima

13. Maxi skirts and Birkenstock sandals, comfy style at it's peak.

Instagram: @chelceytate

14. Adding a bit of gingham to the mix.

Instagram: @sarahsatongar

15. This mummy, who is just too cute in this lavender dress.

Instagram: @looksforlovelies

16. Keeping it chic and simple in a shirt dress.

Instagram: @jassinka

17. Serving major pregnancy cuteness.

Instagram: @toridejong
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