17 Christmas Decorations For People Who Like To Keep Things Simple

    Not quite the Grinch.

    1. These trees will add a little, but not too much, Christmas spirit to your work space.

    2. This simple golden angel.

    3. These clear glass bauble ornaments with pretty designs.

    4. Merry Christmas bunting for people who aren't into tinsel.

    5. Cute, simple and kinda Christmassy.

    6. This hanging christmas tree is great if you are short of space.

    7. These copper geometric fairy lights.

    8. Probably the closet you'll get to a white Christmas.

    9. This wreath will add a little touch of sparkle.

    10. This rusty reindeer.

    11. Dress your dinner table in style, and gold dust.

    12. These lovely personalised sequin stockings.

    13. Because Christmas lights are essential this season.

    14. This festive little snow globe.

    15. The perfect addition to your tree.

    16. Add some traditional Christmas décor with this house scene.

    17. This standing star is cute and it doesn't scream Christmas.