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17 People Who Have Figured Out How To Apply Makeup

Started from the bottom, now we're here.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their makeup glow-up. Here's what they sent.

1. When you finally put the bronzer down.

chelseaanneb / Via

The orange, the bronzer, the invisible lips and brows. Oh and the eye liner. Twelve years will do a face good.


2. An eyebrow transformation.

Emilytubzw / Via

From 2008 to 2018.


3. A brow and lash transformation.

Slayasian / Via

Oh goodness, the picture on the right is me from 2011, when I was barely touching base with makeup. Two pictures on the left are recent pics of me, thank God for lashes and eyebrows.


4. Conturing is changing the game.

Bgilb86 / Via

I was 21 on the left and am 31 on the right. Definitely more contour and highlight.


5. A makeup overhaul.

Moniettemok / Via

On the left was 2010 when I went through a heavy K-pop stage. On the right is 2018, I lost the bangs, went blonde, and grew some eyebrows.


6. Thank God for blending.

Emilyg49072d7ff / Via

From 2009 to 2016, my poor brows.


7. Stunning glow up.

Caitlind4747ac9c4 / Via

Two years and still learning.


8. A makeup convert.

Hanninenisa / Via

From being afraid of using makeup to loving makeup.


9. The glow up is real.

kaitlynnb4a44720f8 / Via

2014 vs 2017, I'm so glad I know about brow products now.


10. A true goddess.

Ariannadanielles / Via

I pretty much only did makeup to enhance my natural beauty. Then I realised I could look like a goddess, so the rest is history.


11. A six year transformation.

kirstyg430a848cd / Via

2012 vs 2018.


12. FX genius.

Reesebalt / Via

I’ve been doing special FX makeup for three years now.


13. Lipstick game stayed great.

Tristantl13 / Via

Still have a lot to learn but I'm hoping to hone my skills even more.


14. Because getting glam is fun.

Hannahz1234567 / Via

Truly had zero interest in how I presented myself until I was 16 and even then it took me a few more years to discover how fun getting glam is.


15. When you learn to leave your brows alone.

emalynw / Via

Three years difference, thank God I put down the tweezers.


16. Practice and patience.

katelynp43b9d67eb / Via

Six years of practice, and patience.


17. Growth.

Annag4da06dd19 / Via

My make up routine is only a couple of minutes now and it's still mostly doing my eyebrows.


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