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7 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Feel Less Shitty About Everything

A sprinkle of positivity.

1. @girlgazeproject

Instagram: @girlgazeproject

This page is all about supporting young female photographers. It started as a hashtag, then British photographer Amanda de Cadenet expanded it into this massive support network for female artists . A lot of the work featured deals with sexuality, body image, mental health, grief, and just being a woman.

2. @humansofny

Instagram: @humansofny

This account is a daily dose of reality. It's filled with real people, telling real stories and stunning pictures.

3. @femalecollective

Instagram: @femalecollective

If you're going to scroll through Instagram first thing in the morning, then this account should definitely be on your feed. It will kick start your day with some positivity.

4. @petstylistt

Instagram: @petstylistt

It's a pet hairdresser's Instagram and it's just bloody brilliant. It will make you smile, and even make you consider a job in the pet hairdressing industry.

5. @chris_riddell

Instagram: @chris_riddell

This page is such a delight. Chris posts regular sketches and it's all so good. From funny animals to stunning portraits of people on the train, his feed is never boring.

6. @happsters

Instagram: @happsters

The name says it all really, I don't think you will find a more positive account on Instagram.

7. @dogstrust

Instagram: @dogstrust

It's Dogs Trust so expect lots of pictures of the most beautiful dogs ever!

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