19 Festive Nail Art Designs That Will Make You Feel Christmassy

    A Christmas mani.

    2. Winter nails at their finest.

    3. So festive.

    4. This Grinch inspired nail art.

    5. Minnie and Mickey do Christmas.

    6. Understated, but festive.

    7. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.

    9. Subtle, but still Christmassy.

    10. This festive work of art.

    11. Paying homage to the classic that is Elf.

    12. A touch of glitter.

    13. Christmas icons.

    14. Wrapped up in a neat bow.

    15. Keeping it cute.

    16. Kisses under the mistletoe.

    17. Because Santa is the real MVP.

    18. Check out this cute little Reindeer.

    19. It’s just so Christmassy.