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17 Fenty Beauty Reviews That Will Make You Want The Whole Range

That Rihanna reign just won't let up.

1. Jackie Aina

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I mean you may have watched 20 videos already, but if you're anything like me, you were still waiting on aunty Jackie's review before you spent your monies.

This review is honest, in-depth and in true Jackie style, it's hilarious. She tries all the products in the range, and she goes through each product, talking about the price, the benefits, the good, the bad and the ugly.

2. Nyma Tang

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Nyma tried the Fenty Beauty foundation in the shade 490, the darkest shade in the collection.

This video has had over 3 million views and rightly so, it's just so perfect. Firstly Nyma's skin is flawless and the foundation applies on so well. She also compares the foundation to other brands, which allows you to get a real idea of what it's like.

3. Alissa Ashley

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If you were on Twitter on September 8th 2017, a day we will now refer to as Rihanna day, then you probably came across Alissa's Fenty Beauty tweets. This video is a follow up of her tweets, it's super informative and honestly Alissa's Fenty glow is so glorious.

4. Sonjdradeluxe

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This video starts with clips from the Fenty launch, which is great to see, for anyone who didn't get an invite. You'll get lots of information from this video, and products aside this video is just worth watching to see how Sonjadra applies makeup, she uses her hands and the artistry is just great.

5. Tarek Ali

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Tarek knows how to beat a face, like it's all so flawless. This video is more of a first impressions video. So if you want to see someone unboxing and applying the makeup for the first time, then this is worth watching.

6. Alyssa Forever

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Ok what's really cute about this video is that Alyssa literally turns her into Rihanna. She creates a wearable look that is actually worth re-creating.

7. Nikki Perkins

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So Nikki's sister is actually in the Fenty Beauty campaign, talk about a family that slays together. The review is honest and practical, and the criticism sounds like it comes from someone who understands and love makeup.

8. Marie Jay

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What's great about this video is how Marie makes the Trophy Wife highlighter look so wearable. If you want to see how to apply the Fenty range, for a more natural look, then this is the video for you.

9. Sudani Doll

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This is another video showing what the 490 foundation looks like. That best part is watching the foundation literally melt into Sudani's skin.

10. Hollie Forrest

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If you're wondering what the range looks like on pale skin, then this video is worth watching. Hollie wears the Fenty foundation in the shade 110.

11. Shahd Batal

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Be prepared to be SNATCHED, like honestly, Shahd didn't come to play with this review. Trophy Wife looks amazing on her, and she shows you how to use it on the inner corners of your eyes. Which is a great look.

12. My Pale Skin

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Em literally bought every product in that range that was suitable for her skin tone, including brushes, sponges and blotting powder. The review is really based on her first impressions and you get to see her initial views on the products.

13. Gratsi

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Another straight out the bag, first impressions video. You can see how the magic of the foundation really works, it first applies orange and then settles to perfectly match her skin.

14. Kaushal Beauty

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Kaushal's review on the foundation will definitely make you want to get one ASAP! She shows close up shoots which gives you a really good idea of what the foundation looks like.

15. Kasey Rayton

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This will make you excited to go out and grab all the Fenty beauty products. Her reaction to the foundation is actually hilarious.

16. ItsMyRayeRaye

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It's Raye Raye, so of course the review is going to be informative and entertaining. She includes swatches of products she doesn't use on her face, and gives so much detail on each product.

17. Clevver Style

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What is great about this video is that you get to see what the Fenty line looks like on three different skin tones and types. The chemistry between the girls is so good and it feels like you're watching three girls, getting ready for a night out.

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