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    15 Charts That Perfectly Explain The Life Of A Makeup Addict

    It's not all fun and games.

    1. When people ask why you wear so much makeup.

    2. Makeup up goals!

    3. Your handbag is a hidden treasure of lipsticks.

    4. Yeah I'm late, but you should be happy I showed up.

    5. Because priming is essential.

    6. The "no makeup" makeup look.

    7. False eyelashes are the devil.

    8. Because nothing is worth ruining your makeup for.

    9. Being a makeup addict is not all fun and games.

    10. A trip to MAC always leaves you broke.

    11. Beauty bloggers are your best friends and worst enemies.

    12. When you find BAE.

    13. Winger eyeliner will be the end of all makeup addicts.

    14. Setting spray made by makeup gods.

    15. When makeup betrays you.