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    17 British Beauty Brands That You Should Know About

    The best of British.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Eyeko

    The clue is in the name with this brand, Eyeko creates amazing cosmetics just for the eyes, so eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow basically. The brand was created by beauty industry veterans, and husband and wife duo, Max and Nina Leykind in 1999, and takes most of its influence from Brit style icon Twiggy.

    What to buy: The Eyeko Rock Out & Lash Out Mascara is what dreams are made of.

    2. Pixi by petra

    So you might have just heard about Pixi by petra, but the brand as been around for a while now, since 1992 to be exact. The London-based brand was started by makeup artist Petra Strand, and the range offers multi-tasking, simple products that are actually really good.

    What to buy: Any beauty writer, beauty blogger or anyone who knows anything about beauty will tell you to buy the Pixi Glow Tonic, it is seriously worth all the hype.

    3. Soap & Glory

    You might know Soap & Glory for its cute packaging, and bath and body stuff, but the brand is so much more than that now. You can get lipstick, eyeliners and a bunch of other makeup products.

    What to buy: The Hand Food is really freaking good, like top marks good. Have a look at these Makeup Alley reviews if you need convincing.

    4. Boucleme

    The packaging is pretty, all the products are free from silicone, sulphates and other nasties and it works wonders on curly hair no matter the curl pattern. This brand is a dream come true for British girls who spend a tonne of money on curly hair products from America.

    What to buy: The Boucleme Curl Defining Gel is so glorious. It leaves curls defined, soft and shiny AF.

    5. Butter London

    So the core of Butter London is nail polish, which makes sense as the brand was founded by Sasha Muir, who is a big deal in the London manicurists scene. The nail polish range comes in almost every colour you can think of, and the makeup offering from the brand is pretty good too.

    What to buy: The nail polish, the colours are great, and they actually last, with the help of a top coat of course.

    6. Skin & Tonic London

    This brand is one for people who love simple, organic 100% cruelty free skincare. All the products in the range have no more than 7 ingredients and even come in a 100% recyclable packaging, because the environment is important.

    What to buy: The Gentle Scrub is definitely worth getting. It's a bit of an overachiever, you can us it as a mask, cleanser and an exfoliator.

    7. Nourish

    An organic, natural vegan skincare range made right here in the UK. The brand focuses on the behaviour of different skin types, and make products that help nurture the skin that you have.

    What to buy: The Balance Essential Moisturiser works wonders on oily skin. Your oily areas will stay matte all day.

    8. Cowshed

    The name Cowshed comes from the brand being founded in a cow shed. A cow shed that happens to be in Babington House, a country hotel in Somerset. The range of skincare and bath products are organic and super indulgent.

    What to buy: The Spearmint Exfoliating Sea Salt Scrub is a great scrub if you fancy a treat. It will leave your skin smooth and really dewy.

    9. This Works

    This Works is the vision of Kathy Phillips, a former Health & Beauty Director of Vogue magazine. The brand offers natural products that deliver on their promise, hence the name. The formulas use 100% natural plant oils that nourish and care for your body.

    What to buy: The Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil works so well on dry skin. It will make extremely dry skin soft and smooth.

    10. Liz Earle

    Liz Earle is British and really proud of it. The brand is all about natural products that are luxurious yet pretty affordable.

    What to buy: I could write a personal essay on the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. The creamy cleanser removes all traces of dirt, grime, and makeup, with the help of eucalyptus essential oil and rosemary, and the added cocoa butter will leave your skin moisturised.

    11. Daniel Sandler

    A makeup brand started by a professional makeup artist. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, the mascaras are magical and the blushers are a godsend.

    What to buy: The Watercolour Liquid Blush has won plenty of awards, and for good reason too. The blush is simple to blend, and great for colour build up.

    12. Neal's Yard

    Neal’s Yard Remedies is one of the UK’s well known organic based beauty brands, thanks to its heavenly scented, really effective products. The brand has great products for hair, face and bod packaged in pretty blue glass.

    What to buy: The Purifying Palmarosa Mattifier is great for oily and combination skin. It reduces shine, and minimises large pores.

    13. James Read

    With products formulated to suit different skin types and tones, James Read is a great choice when it comes to tanning products .The self titled brand was founded by James Read, who worked as a spray tan artist for many years, so you're in safe hands with this range.

    What to buy: The Day Tan Body is amazing for getting a subtle sun-kissed glow that you can build gradually.

    14. Delilah Cosmetics

    If you love Charlotte Tilbury, you will really love Delilah. The products are impressive and I mean really impressive. It's a luxury brand, which means the products are a little expensive, but they are so worth it. Oh the rose gold packaging is really pretty too.

    What to buy: The Colour Intense Cream Lipstick is just brilliant. The colours are really pigmented and they stay on for the whole day.

    15. Shear & Shine

    The Shear & Shine range is a line of products for black men, and it also happens to be the UK's first black owned grooming brand. The brand was set up by Aaron Wallace, who after opening his own barber shop felt that black men were overlooked in the area of male grooming.

    What to buy: Regal Beard Oil is essential.

    16. Sara Hill

    Sara Hill is an independent make up brand from Scotland, the range is designed to enhance your own natural beauty. It's a great brand for anyone who isn't into full coverage makeup.

    What to buy: The Little Pop concealer is a great product, and to be fair it's probably just as good at the Benefit Bo-ing, just a little cheaper. A little goes a long way with this, meaning it lasts a very long time.

    17. The Afro Hair & Skin Co

    The Afro Hair & Skin Co. is a small independent afro beauty business located along the English coast. The brand makes organic and natural products crafted by hand, using fresh natural, and locally sourced ingredients.

    What to buy: The brand only sells 3 products so if you can get all three, but the Totally Nourishing Hair Butter is a must. It works great on afro hair that is dry and damaged.