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7 Instagram Posts That Are Worth Checking Out

Best of the gram.

1. Black beauty.

Instagram: @moshoodat

Moshoodat Sanni, a 24-year-old makeup artist, created these images to showcase black beauty. This image and the many more in the project are so striking and definitely worth checking out.

2. Candid art.

Instagram: @rubyetc_

Ruby Elliot, aka rubyetc, is a London-based illustrator who shares cartoons and illustrations about mental health and everyday life. Her work is funny, honest and very true.

3. Cuteness overload.

Instagram: @kweilz

This mother and daughter duo are goals. They wear matching outfits and take the cutest mirror selfies. Have a look at this, if you want to see more adorable kids dressed like their parents.

4. Melanin magic.

Instagram: @melaniin

Khoudia Diop is an Instagram star and rightly so. She was mocked about her skin colour for years, but she is now embracing all her glorious melanin.

5. Pretty AF cakes.

Instagram: @tealandroses

This page is full of stunning cakes. So if you are looking for wedding cake inspirations or just like looking at pretty cakes, you should check this out. Also you can see more ridiculously pretty cakes here.

6. Caption king.

Instagram: @jaboukie

This guys Instagram captions are so freaking glorious, seriously so many lol's to be had.

7. Landscape photography.

Instagram: @jannikobenhoff

This breath taking image is taken by 16-year-old photographer Jannik Obenhoff. This crazy talented guy started taking pictures at 13 and his page is full of incredible images of landscapes.

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