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    7 Bright And Beautiful Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

    Feast your eyes on these beauties.

    1. @Cynthianyongesa

    Instagram: @cynthianyongesa

    Cynthia'a Instagram page is almost too perfect. She does that three pictures in a roll that all the cool Instagrammers do, and she does it so well. Her page is definitely worth a follow and all the likes.

    2. @Hol_fox

    Instagram: @hol_fox

    Holly Fox is a baker and an graphic designer, which is clear when your see her page. She makes colourful cookies that look also too good to eat.

    3. @LittleDrill

    Instagram: @littledrill

    Shelby Edwards has this whole Instagram thing sussed out. Her page is fun, quirky and absolutely adorable.

    4. @Cestmaria

    Instagram: @cestmaria

    Maria is a photographer from London, and her page is so beautifully calming. It is a pastel lovers dream.

    5. @ThePinkerPrint

    Instagram: @

    Dedicated to all things pink, this page run by writer Chimmy is so bloody good. The pictures are great but the captions are so much better.

    6. @Xuzzi

    Instagram: @xuzzi

    Another ode to the colour pink. This pretty pink feed actually cheers me up every time I look at it.

    7. @Splendid_rags

    Instagram: @splendid_rags

    Leslie is a fashion blogger who wears the best colour outfits. Alongside her outfit posts she shares fun quotes and plenty of cheap fashion finds.