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13 Moments Only People Who Study In A Second Language Will Understand

That feeling when you raise your hand, and then the wrong language comes out... Discover how hard work can lead you anywhere in the world. Take the TOEFL® test for a better future.

1. When you think through a test problem in one language and then have to answer it in the other.

2. When you meet another student who can speak the same language as you and you instantly become friends.

3. When your friends who aren't bilingual assume you're up for translating anything and everything they come across that's in your language.

4. When you're talking in a seminar and don't realize you changed languages mid-sentence.

5. When you have to speak in one language after you haven't used it in ages.

6. When you're reading one language and get confused, thinking it's the other.

7. When you try to impress a professor or classmate with your bilingualism.

8. When you're talking in class and accidentally use slang from your home country and it confuses everyone around you.

9. When you mention the fact you're bilingual on a job or internship application.

10. When you need a word in one language but are only able to think of it in the other.

11. When you need extra cash and immediately know what to do: language tutor!

12. When you realize that shifting between languages all of the time has done something weird to your accent.

13. When you think back on all the studying you had to do as a kid to be able to learn a second language and realize that it was all worth it.

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