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Here’s How Tobacco Promotions Reach Your Kids

Learn how tobacco companies spend billions (!!!) to put their products in front of your kids and then visit to pledge your support for putting these promotions out of sight and out of mind.

Real talk: You’re not the only one teaching your kids about tobacco.

Your parenting is up against MAJOR tobacco industry $$$.

And, sorry, but no: Your kids probably aren’t ignoring all those promotions.

That’s the bad news.

The GOOD news is knowledge really is power! The more you know about how tobacco companies try to reach your kids, the more you can do to put a stop to this.

Cheap tobacco is kid-friendly tobacco.

Looks like the tobacco industry loves your kids' favorite candy spots more than they do.

What should you do exactly? Speak up!

Every day, tobacco companies spend millions of dollars to put their products in front of your kids in hopes they’ll get hooked. Take action by visiting and pledging your support for getting tobacco promotions out of sight in more than 21,000 retailers in New York State.