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16 Animals Who Can Relate To Quitting Smoking

So you've made the decision to quit tobacco. You're a brave soul embarking on an epic journey. These animals are here to show you what to expect. Visit Tobacco Free Florida for free services, tools, and tips to help you or a loved one quit tobacco for good.

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1. Yup. It's time to quit smoking.

2. You pump yourself up to throw away your last pack.

3. But as soon as you quit, you feel your energy level dive.

4. You feel like crawling into bed and riding out the bad feelings for a few days... or weeks.

5. Everyday tasks feel a lot harder.

6. The smallest annoyances make you lose your cool.

7. You might have to force a smile when you're feeling blah.

8. You feel like you have to constantly satisfy your oral fixation by chewing on gum, straws, pens, or just about anything.

9. And get irritated with friends and family over the smallest things.


10. But sometimes, out of nowhere, you may get bursts of energy.

11. You experiment with new ways to de-stress.

12. And slowly get comfortable with the idea of being an ex-smoker.

13. Until, suddenly, it's the dawning of a new day, your energy level improves, and you can smell and taste better.

14. You're more likely to kiss someone... and be kissed in return.

15. You find new things to take the place of smoking.

16. And, eventually, after a lot of hard work, you reach a point where you can't understand why you ever smoked to begin with.