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14 GIFs That Will Make You Want To Wash Your Hands

Germaphobes, take heed. If a global pandemic kills off most of the world, you'll still be here, probably. Catch the series premiere of TNT's The Last Ship, June 22 at 9/8c!

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1. This bathroom cake eater:

2. This mop-top guitarist:


3. This gross kid:

4. No, wait — this gross kid:

5. This guy who's really good at "the worm":

6. This gold-digging gorilla:


His friend is sooo unimpressed.

7. This giraffe's 20-inch sandpaper tongue:

8. Or this inappropriate clam:


Relax, it's only a foot.

9. This drive-by nose blower:

Canal+ / Via

No, don't — stop!

10. This girl who upchucked up in the air upside down:

11. This llama blowing a warning shot:

12. Or this elephant taking it a bit further:

13. These little guys who are just hanging out, being microscopic pond scum:

14. This guy who's neither a cup nor a cone type of person:

Muuuuch better.