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11 Reasons Your Grandparents Were Total Badasses In Their Day

Oh, you took a karate class once? And you eat bacon sometimes? That's cute. Check out TNT's Mob CityWednesdays at 9/8C for some ultimate, retro badassery.

1. Your grandma saved LIVES. During a war. In a skirt.

Daily Herald Archive/SSPL / Getty Images

2. They paved the way for professional fighting as we know it today.

Central Press / Getty Images

3. Their band was way cooler than yours.

NBCUniversal / Getty Images

Auto-tune? Never heard of it.

4. Their cars looked like rocket ships and were built to last.

Fox Photos/Stringer / Getty Images

5. They didn't need TV to tell a damn good story.

Stanley Sherman / Getty Images

Do you enjoy Dick Tracy? The Lone Ranger? War of the Worlds? Well, your grandparents invented them, and they didn't even need a camera or CGI to make them famous! Owned.

6. Your grandma played baseball better than all the boys...

Victor Keppler / Getty Images

...way better.

Wallace Kirkland / Getty Images

Tough as hell.

7. To be fair, your grandpa played too.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

8. Even little kids were expected to pull their weight during the war.

Fox Photos / Getty Images

9. Mobsters were the real deal...

Chicago History Museum / Getty Images

"Gimme all your money, see?"

10. ...and inspired some of the best contemporary dramas.

Courtesy of TNT

11. And THIS was common knowledge.

The National Archives / Getty Images

Feeling wimpy yet?

daniel rodriguez/Getty Images

We thought so.

Not quite badass enough?

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Check out the new drama Mob City on TNT Wednesday, December 4th! You'll never look at your grandparents the same way again.