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10 Vintage Slang Words We Need To Bring Back

Gee, don't you just wish you were a Hollywoodland star sometimes? Well, we can't promise you that, but we can at least help you sound like one! Tune in to TNT's Mob CityWednesdays at 9/8C and check out this lingo in action.


Hulton Archive / Getty Images

As in: "Jimmy? He's always causing trouble just to get a rise out of people. What a turkey."

Now: Troll.


Popperfoto / Getty Images

As in: "Gee Mary, that pie you made for the bake sale today sure was swell."

Now: OMG, what is air?


Allan Grant TIME & LIFE Pictures / Getty Images

As in: "That cat on the bass is hep with it!"

Now: Hipster.


Via Ed Clark / Getty Images

As in: "You seen the new Cary Grant picture? It's positively dillenger!!!"

Now: ;alksjdf;lksfd, I can’t even.


Victor Keppler / Getty Images

As in: "Ah yeah, Mary is okay. She's just old hat, you know?"

Now: OFN, nothx.


Ralph Crane TIME & LIFE Images / Getty Images

As in: "My date? Oh, it was fine. He was a bit of a yuck though. He didn't even shine his shoes!"

Now: n00b.


Allan Grant TIME & LIFE Pictures / Getty Images

As in: "That Dizzy Gillespie? Why, he's ace."

Now: Win, yes plz.


Mondadori / Getty Images

As in: "Well, he's not much of a looker. But he gives me one big-tickle when we're together!"

Now: LOL.


Charles Hewitt / Getty Images

As in: "Did you see the stems on that hoofer?"

Now: Twerker.


mammuth / Getty Images

As in: "Hey, you! Now, you didn't see nothin', see? Nothin'. Now scram!"

Now: l8r.

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