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10 Reasons Why You Should Purchase An Electric Car In Malta

Electric vehicles have been around for some time now, and yet, many people still ponder about the advantages they can offer. Here are ten reasons why your next car should be electric.

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1. Incentives

When purchasing an electric vehicle, one can benefit from the electric vehicle scheme. The scheme is currently open and one can benefit from up to € 8,000 when purchasing a new electric vehicle and scrapping a car older than 10 years and € 5,000 when purchasing a second-hand electric car or buy a new EV without scrapping an old one.

2. Tax

The Registration tax for an electric vehicle is cheaper than for other cars. Registration tax is calculated on the Euro standard, CO2, Length and Particulate matter (Diesel engines only). EVs emit 0 emissions; making the registration tax much cheaper.

Annual road licence is also much cheaper. Electric Vehicle owners pay €10 a year every year since the tax does not increase annually like with that of combustion engine cars.

3. Short Distances

Since Malta is a small country, there are relatively shorter distances to travel from one place to another. As a result, one may not need to break the trip to recharge the electric vehicle. Therefore, a typical driver may travel around the island on a single charge.

A single charge has been proven to last between 111km to 130km on average: more than enough charge to get you where you need to go!

4. Charging points are everywhere

Most people worry about the charging infrastructure available if they are out of charge. There are over 100 charging pillars installed around the Maltese Islands and one can also reserve a parking space (setting a date and time) to charge his electric vehicle.

Solar Charging points found at Ta’Xbiex Marina, Deep Water Quay in Marsa and Cirkewwa not only charge the electric car using solar power produced on site, but also offer free charging to all users.

5. Maltese climate favours EVs

Due to the necessary heating procedures, electric vehicles’ battery range decreases drastically in very cold climates. However, this is not the case in Malta. Our warm climate allows the battery to be more efficient, enabling the user to have a higher battery range and lifetime.

6. Fuel costs

The cost of fuel (petrol and diesel) is rather expensive compared to the cost of electricity. The cost of petrol per kilometre travelled based in current prices in Malta is €0.09, €0.06 for diesel and €0.04 with electricity. Unless you charge your car at the 3 solar car ports in which case the cost per kilometre would be €0.00.

7. Maintenance

Maintenance on an electric vehicle is much cheaper than conventional cars primarily because there are almost no moving parts on an electric car and therefore wear and tear is much lower. While an annual service is still recommended this would cost up to €65. Compare this with faulty gear boxes, cranky crank shafts, squeaky wheel bearings, leaky hydraulics, not-so silent silencer...and the list goes on!

9. Avoid traffic jams!

You can drive electric cars on the priority lane even if you are alone in your car...and wave at the other fuming drivers on the way (Actually don’t! It’s really dangerous: Keep your eyes on the road all the time).

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