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15 Hello Kitty Things You Need In Your Life Right Now

For the fan that loves Hello Kitty and is also extra.

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1. A Pop-Up Supermarket

Instagram: @hellokitty / Via Instagram

You won't want paper or plastic at this super cute pop-up in Hong Kong because people won't be able to see your goodies! The Hello Kitty Pop-Up Store is open now until May 31st, and hopefully it'll be in a city near you!

2. A Pink Hello Kitty House

Instagram: @remaja_kekinian / Via Instagram

Why have a pink Barbie dream house when you can go full-on Hello Kitty?

3. Hello Kitty Roses

Instagram: @weiweiboy / Via Instagram

Roses are red,

Hello Kitty is cute,

Flowers are sweet,

And so are you!

4. Afternoon Tea Goodies

Instagram: @hellokitty / Via Instagram

Served like dim sum, these Hello Kitty high tea pastries are sure to make your afternoon.

5. Super Cute Pink Kid's Tent

Instagram: @hellokitty / Via Instagram

If you're five, you can camp the regular way, or you can start your glamping skills early with this pink Hello Kitty tent.

6. Kawaii Socks

Instagram: @wearehellokitty / Via Instagram

I never want to live in a world where my socks can't be fabulous.

7. Bomb Dot Com Hello Kitty Nail Art

Instagram: @wearehellokitty / Via Instagram

Nail art is the perfect way to express that you're all in with Hello Kitty and that you (or your artist friends) has got mad tiny brush skills.

8. A Hello Kitty Lunch from Creator, 5 AM Bento

Instagram: @wearehellokitty / Via Instagram

Some people are satisfied eating a ham sandwich and chips for lunch, but some people have also never seen Hello Kitty-shaped rice.

9. A Hello Kitty Tat

Instagram: @hellokitty

Ink lovers can tattoo Hello Kitty on their bodies to commemorate her cuteness forever.

10. A Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe

Instagram: @hellokittycafe / Via Instagram

The Hello Kitty Pop-Up truck travels the United States and spreads Hello Kitty's delicious treats and refreshing drinks with fans of all ages.

11. A Hello Kitty Airline

Instagram: @hellokitty / Via Instagram

Hello Kitty and Eva Airlines have formed a partnership that allows flyers to enjoy trips to Taiwan inside of the cutest airplane ever. Passengers not only get to fly in a Hello Kitty plane, but they also get to snuggle in Hello Kitty blankets and eat Hello Kitty food!

12. Hello Kitty Train

Instagram: @hellokittyjunkie / Via Instagram

And speaking of Taiwan, the country also has a Hello Kitty train so that passengers can ride while enjoying their favorite cartoon cat in style.

13. Hello Kitty Latte Art

Instagram: @beautyqween16 / Via Instagram

At the Hello Kitty Diner Australia, guests can order lattes with Hello Kitty foam art that comes with a delectable little cookie.

14. Hello Kitty Glass Ceilings

Instagram: @hellokittyjunkie / Via Instagram

At the Hello Kitty House in Bangkok, diners can sit in a Hello Kitty chair and have a meal while gazing up at the brightly decorated Hello Kitty glass ceiling.

15. A Doll Dress

Instagram: @wearehellokitty / Via Instagram

Leave it to Lady Gaga to slay in a Hello Kitty stuffed animal dress that we all wish we could wear just once.

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