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The Not So Romantic Origin Of Valentine's Day

Through this article, you will discover one of the weirdest legends explaining the origin of the Valentine's Day.

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It’s lover’s day, soon!

It’s lover’s day, soon! You can choose to celebrate it or not but you’ll necessarily be affected by Valentine’s Day. Indeed, during times previous Valentine’s day, you are flooded by advertising and all your friends will bring their girlfriend to the restaurant with a present and flowers. But you don’t because you don’t have any girlfriend, so why not interesting yourself into the origin of this damned day.

Actually, there aren’t recognised facts about it but few legends can explain the 14th February. Through this article, you will discover one of the weirdest legends about Valentine’s day origins.

The legend is linked to the Lupercalia, which is an annual celebration, from the Ancient Rome. This celebration took place from the 13th to the 15th of February in front of the Lupercal cave at the bottom of the Palatin mount. This event, which aimed to celebrate Faunus, God of fertility, shepherds and herds, unfolded in three steps.

The first step of the ceremony was led by priests which were sacrificing goats. In a second time, the young men were running through the city, covered by the goat’s blood, and whipping inhabitants with skin lashes made from the sacrificed animal. The purpose of the ceremony was to enhance the fertility of people, and for pregnant women, to have a successful pregnancy.

Afterwards, the ceremony was closed by a banquet, in which men were drawing a female partner for the night. This process could lead to relationship and wedding.

Unfortunately, this celebration was forbidden in 494, replaced and divided in two events. The Candlemas, which take place the 2 February, is a Christians celebration devoted to soul purification. The Valentine’s Day, which is the 14 February, to honour love and fertility.

To conclude, it seems that goat sacrifice is way more effective than offering flowers to find the true love. Think about it

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