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The American Dream, As Told By Twentysomethings

There’s a lot more to it than a white picket fence. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is connected to its US roots and is proud of the richly diverse dreams that make America what it is.

Jacqueline Thomas

"Go to college. Get a job. Pay for college."

Tomi Adesokan

“The American dream doesn't exist anymore. It's a lie. For me, the American dream would be what Tomi's dreams are. Those dreams consist of learning every hour every day, by reading or seeing the world. Knowledge is wealth, and no one can take it away.”

Jonathan Ma

"Own a house and regularly eat avocado toast."

Leslie Rodriguez

“Having a job I like 75% of the time and spending my money on traveling, as opposed to material things.”

Justin O'Connell

“Being able to wear Hawaiian shirts to work any day I want.”

Brianna Holt

“The American dream means being able to trust the police rather than fear them.”

AnaMaria Glavan

"Access to an affordable higher education, without interest rates of like...7,000%."

Morgan Steffes

“The American Dream would be me owning my own apartment one day. But if I'm being realistic, it's the day my sister doesn't have to help me pay my rent and my dad doesn't have to pay for my Equinox membership."

Kristen Brown

“Someday being able to afford my own home (preferably with a yard).”

Jason Sweeten

“I fell [sic] like I'm always working!!! I have a day job, I write at night, I take headshots on the weekend. I want to believe that all of this work will someday pay off!”

Emily Clements

“Being able to afford filling my home with expensive three-wick candles.”

Kyle Davis

“Living in a Brooklyn Heights two-bedroom with a husband I found on Bumble & a rescue dog & having a cute coffee shop down the block!”

Steven Turrisi

“Wake up in the morning & look at yourself in the mirror. As you sip that first coffee & are happy with every aspect of your life.

“That’s the American Dream!!!”

Photographer: Sarah Stone

There are as many American dreams as there are people who are dreaming. Tito’s Handmade Vodka was created as the result of one such dream. Now in its 20th year, it remains bound to its heritage and stands behind the idea that each individual has the power to shape their own future, as well as America’s.