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When Did You Realize That You Had Grown Up?

When I realize equality doesn't always ensure justice.

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When Did You Realize That You Had Grown Up?

* When I stopped blindly watching cartoons/animated movies and started appreciating the effort invested in making them. :)

* When I buy things out of pure necessity, and not for the things that come free with it.

* When I realized that equality doesn't always ensure justice.

* When I realized marks are not as important as it is hyped.

* When I go to parks to walk,get fitter and get some fresh air, and not only to play with the slide, swing, monkey bars etc.

* When I realized WWE was scripted.

* When I realized that twinkle twinkle little star and the alphabet song are the same :/ Even Baa, Baa Black Sheep?? o_O

* When I started attending weddings and ceremonies with the intention of socializing with relatives, or sometimes food, and not to play around with other kids.

* When I stopped asking my parents for fancy things. Instead I start gifting them.

* When I stopped exasperating my parents with silly questions and chose google instead.

* When I no longer got half tickets while traveling in a bus. ☹

* When I started addressing strangers as Sir/Madam instead of Uncle/Aunty :D

* When my mother no longer held my hands while walking. Instead I hold her hands. ☺

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