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People Share College Regrets That They Wish They Could Rewind

Tinder just announced the ultimate IRL "Rewind".

Okay, so you know the Rewind feature on Tinder, right?

And you know about Tinder's #SwipeOff competition for colleges?

Well, SURPRISE! Tinder is announcing a REWIND for the schools no longer in the contest.

So go to Tinder's Instagram and see if your school is still in the game!

If not, get swiping! Whichever school has the most right swipes in the next 24 hours will be back in the running to win #SwipeOff!

In honor of Tinder's #SwipeOff Rewind, we asked people to tell us what moments in college they wish they could rewind:

1. "That time I decided to mix cheap knockoff-brand soda with cheap knockoff-brand vodka." —Tim U.

2. "When I cut my leg shaving so badly the first week of school that all of my jeans from that time have a small blood stain." —Jana P.

3. "The time I accidentally read the wrong book with the same title as the book we were supposed to be reading for class." —Kyle D.

4. "When I accidentally drank the water in the beer pong water cup at the end of the night..." —Tammy T.

5. "When I was talking to this SUPER-CUTE senior who I had a major crush on without realizing my shirt had unbuttoned itself." —Alexandra S.

6. "All the parking tickets I thought I could leave unpaid that resulted in getting towed...three times." —Clark M.

7. "That time I pulled three all-nighters during finals week. Definitely achieved astral projection — not sure my heart rate has stabilized yet." —Samra S.

8. "I would 100% rewind the time I was getting dropped off at college and my mom drove onto the paved pedestrian pathway between dorms and almost went down the stairs." — Alex W.

9. "I got a second date with my college crush, so in a panic I decided to trim my own bangs and ended up looking like I was in a cult." —Caitlin C.

10. "When I was studying abroad and this girl I had a huge crush on basically said, 'Come out to this club tonight' but then I went to the wrong club." —Eric S.

11. "I'd like a do-over on the year I ate nothing but cookies and curly fries." —Kelley D.

12. "I wish I hadn't been so damn timid and in my head about everything. No one knows what they're doing in college! Just be confident, self." — Casey C.

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Visit Tinder's Instagram to find out if your school is still in the #SwipeOff. If not, REWIND! Open the app and give it the ol’ college try…again! Click here for the official rules.