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    A Girl And Her Box.

    Meet Wheezy, a 3 year old exotic short hair that loves boxes.

    1. Wheezy received her first Fabfitfun box in June and it was love at first sight.

    2. Wheezy refused to share the box with her brother George.

    3. Wheezy made sad faces when mom threatened to throw out the box.

    4. Wheezy got really cozy in the box so mom let her keep it.

    5. George got so used to Wheezy always being in the box.

    6. Eventually the box broke.

    7. Mom repaired the box.

    8. And Wheezy was happy again! That's her happy face.

    9. Box bliss.

    10. Wheezy said goodbye to the summer and is now hanging out in her fall box.