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    17 Sad Animal Facts That Will Get You Very Emotional

    We're not crying! **You're** crying! 😭

    1. Zebras can't sleep unless they're in a group.

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    Which means they can't sleep alone!

    2. Sloth babies usually survive if they lose their grip on their mom and fall — but sometimes, the mother sloth doesn’t want to go on the ground to pick the baby up because she'd risk being seen by predators!

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    So then, yeah, the baby dies.

    3. Dik-diks (tiny African antelopes) mark their territory using their tears.

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    Honestly same?

    4. Otters have favorite rocks that they carry around with them in their underarm pockets.

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    I don't care what you say, it's freakin' cute.

    5. There's potentially a very lonely whale out in the Pacific Ocean who sings at such a high frequency that no other member of its species can hear it.

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    Also same.

    6. Mice can sense when other mice are sad. Then they feel sad too.

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    Mice empathy!

    7. Cows have best friends, and they feel sad when they're not around.

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    ^^scientific photo of a cow crew.

    8. If you remove the most aggressive males from a baboon troop, the troop will become more peaceful and "learn the value of tolerance, peacemaking and mutual hip-hugging."

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    Plz send pointers!

    9. Jellyfish don't have hearts.

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    Or brains! Or bones!

    10. And elephants can't jump.

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    But you knew that, right?

    11. Chimpanzees don't really like to swim because it's hard to keep their heads above water.

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    "Their top heavy body composition" is responsible, to which I say: again, same.

    12. When one wolf leaves the pack, wolves that are left behind will howl.

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    Leaders and "their closest allies" get a longer howl-off, apparently.

    13. If a female ferret in heat fails to find a mate, she dies.

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    And you thought your dating situation was dire!

    14. Red foxes are monogamous and mate for life.

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    15. Listening to slow songs like "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M. can help cows produce more milk.

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    It has to do with lowering cow stress, which then affects the production of the hormone oxytocin!

    16. Gray squirrels constantly forget where they bury their nuts.

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    And then those nuts turn into trees!

    17. And finally, baby birds have their own version of "baby talk" that they use until they learn how to sing correctly.

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    They learn by listening to adult birds and have to practice a lot!

    H/t @sadanimalfacts!

    This post was translated from German.