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Must Try Foods In Makati Philippines – Make Sure To Taste Them All.

Filipino food is known for its exotic flavour and exclusive use of rice. It is in fact quite interesting that Philippines are required to use a spoon and fork instead of a knife and fork to eat rice. Scroll down to discover some of the best Filipino delicacies every visitor must try.

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This is a thick gravy made with eggplant, Chinese cabbage mixed with peanut sauce, peanut butter and other ingredients to enhance its musky flavour. Kare-Kare is often paired with a steamy bowl of rice.


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This is a delicious Filipino dessert made of evaporated milk and candied fruits, red beans, purple yam and a scoop of ice cream. This is extremely pleasing and is a delicacy offered by most restaurants at some hotels such as Berjaya Makati Hotel with their own twist to it.


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This is a form of salad made out of fresh cut onions, garlic, tomatoes, chilies, ginger, coconut vinegar, fresh fish. The ingredients may differ from region to region, certain dishes may have fish soaked in coconut cream.

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