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16 Totally "True" Facts About Sitting Down

This post will knock you off your feet.

1. In the 17th Century, offenders of small crimes were forced to remain seated in a single position for 7 hours straight.

2. Approximately 1 in 100 people get stuck in an office chair every day.

3. Sitting down at the gym reduces the effectiveness of your workout.

4. In the 1800s, Yorkshire was plagued by a bandit who forced people to sit for hours at a time while he recited his poetry to them.

5. Wild dogs fight for mates by seeing who can sit for the longest amount of time.

6. You are not supposed to sleep in aeroplane seats.

7. Men who spend 7-plus hours a day sitting down are 63% less likely to get married.

8. If you sit on toilet for more than 20 minutes at a time, your body stops trying to poop.

9. Roller coasters balance out the negative effects of sitting down due to aerodynamics.

10. Selfies taken while standing get more likes than those taken while sitting.

11. If someone from the 13th century time-travelled to 2015, they would think we're all mad for sitting down.

12. Babies have a natural defence mechanism that encourages them to climb out of highchairs as a means of protection.

13. Research shows that taking exams while standing produces better results than taking them while sitting.

14. Cavemen were incapable of sitting.

15. In the 18th century, 90% of people had bad backs from sitting on horses all day.

16. Sitting was created by the government to give us all bad posture.

OK, OK, none of these are actually true. But sitting too much really isn't good for you!

Time2Move wants you to get up out of your chair and start moving more. Sitting for more than 90 minutes reduces blood flow behind the knee by 50%, increasing the risk of a blood clot in the leg,¹ which could potentially be deadly. So, do yourself a favour and get moving.

¹ Thrombosis UK: The Thrombosis Charity. Reducing the risk of e-thrombosis. February 2013.